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My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #16

  Cyclops steps down as the team leader and their group now votes on what their next course of action would be. Magneto leads a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #13

  I hope Magneto is included in this kill list of the X-men as a precaution, I’d much prefer he work with Cyclops like in the Utopia days. Mystique’s here […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #14

  Such a badass cover, it even makes Cyclops’ 90’s costume look cool. Rosenberg’s doing a good job of writing this latest incarnation of Cyclops and the X-men.

Hope Summers Shoots Cyclops's Eye

Hope Summers Shoots Cyclops’s Eye

  Hope Summers uses an ordinary pistol and shoots Cyclops in his eye, which he loses. I guess he really is a Cyclops now. From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 […]

Iceman VS Ice Master

Iceman VS Ice Master

  I’m still not buying the Iceman is gay revelation. Had the fight continued, I think Ice Master wins this fight. From – Uncanny X-Men: Winters End

Ice Master (X-Men Winters End)

Ice Master (X-Men Winters End)

  Ice Master is Ice Man from a possible future. Not sure how concrete that future is because Jubilee is still a vampire from that future but present day Jubilee […]

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

  I don’t even know how Dark Beast came to life after Cyclops killed him in Uncanny X-Men Volume 3. But I guess if Mister Sinester is involved then whatever… […]

Cyclops Tries To Recruit Matthew Malloy

Cyclops Tries To Recruit Matthew Malloy

  After attempts by powerful psychics like Rachel Summers and Exodus failed, with the latter even dying at the hands of Matthew Malloy, Cyclops decides on a very daring plan […]