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O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

O.N.E. Kills Vanisher

  I wasn’t even aware that Vanisher has come back to life. Last I heard of him he was killed during the events of X-Men: Second Coming. From – Uncanny […]

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

Emma Frost Betrays The Mutants To ONE

  I fucking hate that Rosenberg did this. Emma Frost betraying mutantkind by mind-controlling Anole into delivering a mutant cure to O.N.E.? That disregards her entire story arc! She stood […]

How Havok Beat Mister Sinister

How Havok Beat Mister Sinister

  Mister Sinister used his clones to turn himself into a giant version of himself, like a poor super sentai monster knockoff. Havok proceeds to unload all of his powers […]