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X-Men Volume 3


A complete list of all X-Men Volume 3 posts in chronological order.

  1. Jubilee Gets Infected By The Vampire Virus
  2. Wolverine, Angel And Pixie VS Vampires
  3. Wolverine, Colossus And Storm VS A Vampire
  4. Blade Killing Vampires (Curse Of The Mutants)
  5. Blade (Curse Of The Mutants)
  6. Why Xarus Wants The X-Men In His Army (Curse Of The Mutants)
  7. Vampires Invade San Francisco (Curse Of The Mutants)
  8. Jubilee Is Turned Into A Vampire
  9. Vampire Jubilee Bites Wolverine
  10. Cyclops Resurrects Dracula
  11. Wolverine Turns Into A Vampire
  12. Cyclops Parleys With Xarus
  13. How Cyclops Cured Vampire Wolverine
  14. How Iceman Can Kill Vampires
  15. Battle Of Utopia (Curse Of The Mutants)
  16. Dracula VS Xarus
  17. Cyclops Bluffs Dracula
  18. Colossus (X-Men Vol. 3 #7)
  19. The X-Men Hires A PR Firm
  20. Spider-Man (X-Men Vol. 3 #7)
  21. Spider-Man And Emma Frost Talks About Bullying
  22. Dark Beast (X-Men Vol. 3 #9)
  23. Dark Beast Turns The X-Men Into Lizards
  24. Emma Frost VS Lizard X-Men
  25. X-men VS Evolutionary      15
  26. Ghost Rider With Scythe
  27. The X-Men And Ghostrider VS The Atahsaia
  28. Doctor Doom As A Hero
  29. The Thing And Wolverine Fastball Special
  30. Skull The Slayer (X-Men Vol. 3 #16)
  31. Emma Frost’s Subtle Insult
  32. X-Men and Fantastic Four
  33. Juggerlossus VS Sentinels    23
  34. Deadpool Narrating Himself    26
  35. Jubilee Is A Dracula Now
  36. Vampire Jubilee (X-Men Vol. 3 #26)
  37. Jubilee VS Lord Deathstrike

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