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Superman – Earth 1

Superman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that details the start of Superman’s crime fighting career. As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many alternate Earths that currently exists in the DC Comics universe, with Prime Earth as the one where the current canon story line of the New 52 takes place. With a fresh canvass to work with, the series is not burdened with all of Superman’s history and should appeal to new readers or anyone who just wants to read a straight forward adventure with the Man of Steel. Be prepared to read a modern take, as well as realistic approaches, to the story.



A complete list of all Superman – Earth 1 posts in chronological order.

Volume 1:

  1. Clark Kent Tries Out For A Football Team
  2. Clark Kent Applies As A Scientist
  3. Clark Kent’s Daily Planet Interview (Earth 1)
  4. How The Kents Found Clark (Earth 1)
  5. Clark Kent Visits His Father’s Grave (Earth 1)
  6. Tyrell Attacks Metropolis (Earth 1)
  7. Kal-El escapes Krypton (Earth 1)
  8. Tyrell (Earth 1)
  9. Tyrell Demands Superman’s Surrender
  10. Jimmy Olsen Faces Off With A Robot (Earth 1)
  11. The Reason For Superman’s Costume (Earth 1)
  12. Superman (Earth 1)
  13. Tyrell Attacks Superman (Earth 1)
  14. How Krypton Was Destroyed (Earth 1)
  15. How Tyrell Trapped Superman (Earth 1)
  16. Lois Lane And Jimmy Olsen Rescues Superman (Earth 1)
  17. Superman VS Tyrell (Earth 1)
  18. Superman Destroy’s Tyrell’s Ship (Earth 1)
  19. Superman’s Disguise (Earth 1)
  20. Clark Kent Joins The Daily Planet (Earth 1)
  21. Superman (Earth 1 Volume 1)
  22. Clark Kent’s Interview With Superman (Earth 1)

Volume 2:

  1. Why Perry White Hangs Articles On The Wall
  2. Lois Lane Is Suspicious Of Clark Kent (Earth 1)
  3. Raymond Jensen (Earth-1)
  4. Clark Kent Gets Asked Out On A Date (Earth 1)
  5. How Raymond Jensen Became The Parasite (Earth 1)
  6. Clark Kent’s First Date In Metropolis (Earth 1)
  7. Superman (Earth 1: Volume 2)
  8. Superman Faces Off With A Dictator (Earth 1)
  9. Clark Kent’s Childhood In Smallville (Earth 1)
  10. Clark Kent Gets The Sex Talk
  11. Clark Kent Talks About His Cat (Earth 1)
  12. Superman VS The Parasite (Earth 1)
  13. The Parasite (Earth 1)
  14. Jimmy Olsen Faces Off With The Parasite (Earth 1)
  15. The Parasite Completely Drains Superman (Earth 1)
  16. The Weakness In Superman’s Anti-Parasite Armor (Earth 1)
  17. Superman VS The Parasite Rematch (Earth 1)
  18. The Parasite Accidentally Kills His Sister (Earth 1)
  19. Superman’s Opinion On Humans (Earth 1)
  20. Superman Instigates A Coup (Earth 1)
  21. Lex And Alexandra Luthor (Earth 1)
  22. Alexandra Luthor’s Idea To Stop Superman (Earth 1)
  23. Lois Lane’s Article On The Parasite (Earth 1)

Volume 3:

  1. When Superman Gets Nightmares
  2. Lois Lane Installs A Superman Signal
  3. Lex Luthor Explains His Plan To Stop Superman (Earth 1)
  4. Lois Lane Is Jealous Of Clark Kent (Earth 1)
  5. Zod Arrives On Earth (Earth 1)
  6. Lisa Lasalle Discovers Clark’s Secret
  7. Clark Kent Being Dense
  8. Superman Meets Zod (Earth 1)
  9. Zod Meets With The United Nations
  10. Clark Kent Gets Some Motherly Advice About Girls
  11. Zod Ambushes Superman With Kryptonite
  12. How Zod Destroyed Krypton
  13. Lex Luthor Depowers Superman (Earth 1)
  14. Zod Tortures Superman (Earth 1)
  15. Lisa Lasalle Saves Superman
  16. Lex Luthor Depowers Zod
  17. Superman VS Zod (Earth 1)
  18. Zod Kills Lex Luthor (Earth 1)
  19. Alexandra Luthor Kills Zod (Earth 1)
  20. Superman Earth 1 Volume 3
  21. Lisa Lasalle Loves Clark Kent
  22. How Clark Kent Pays For Bills (Earth 1)
  23. Superman Addresses The United Nations (Earth 1)
  24. Clark Kent Takes Lisa Lasalle Home To Smallville
  25. Superman’s Anti-Kryptonite Suit (Earth 1)
  26. Why Superman Likes Watching American Idol
  27. Lois Lane Summons Superman With The Superman Signal

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