This latest incarnation of Aquaman’s comic series is the 7th of its name and started right after the New 52 reboot. Helmed by Geoff Johns, who elevated Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns from midlevel status to one of the most hottest superheroes in the DC universe. Personally, I like how he made Aquaman sympathetic yet powerful. Check your fish jokes and “Aquaman is lame” remarks at the door, and be prepared to be amazed at the awesome storylines.


Aquaman Volume 7

A complete list of all Aquaman Volume 7 posts in chronological order.

  1. Aquaman (New 52)
  2. Aquaman Can Stop Crime On Land
  3. Aquaman Walks Into A Seafood Restaurant
  4. Aquaman Eats Fish
  5. Aquaman Is Interviewed By A Blogger
  6. Aquaman Is A Generous Tipper
  7. Mera Describes Skiing Perfectly
  8. There Is No Aquawoman
  9. Aquaman And Mera VS The Trench
  10. Mera And Aquaman VS The Trench
  11. Doctor Stephen Shin Trained Aquaman
  12. Doctor Shin Analyzes A Trench
  13. Aquaman And Mera (Aquaman #3)
  14. The Trench Hideout
  15. The Queen Of The Trench
  16. Aquaman VS The Queen Of The Trench
  17. Aquaman Gets A Fan
  18. Aquadog (New 52)
  19. Aquaman Is Stuck In A Desert
  20. Aquaman Has Super Hearing
  21. Aquaman VS Atlantean Commandos
  22. Mera Trains To Kill Aquaman
  23. How Mera Deals With Perverts
  24. Mera Displaying Her Power
  25. Mera Defends Aquaman From Her Father
  26. Black Manta Tracks Down Kahina The Seer
  27. Black Manta VS Kahina The Seer
  28. Kahina The Seer’s Last Vision
  29. Aquaman (Aquaman 7)
  30. Ya’wara VS Mera
  31. The Others (Aquaman 7)
  32. Aquaman (Aquaman 8)
  33. Mera Is Jealous Of Ya’wara
  34. The Others Stop An Avalanche
  35. Black Manta (Aquaman 8)
  36. Black Manta VS Prisoner-Of-War
  37. Aquaman And Ya’wara VS Black Manta’s Thugs
  38. Doctor Shin’s History With Aquaman
  39. The Operative Infiltrates Black Manta’s Base
  40. The Operative And His Base
  41. Aquaman Kills Black Manta’s Father
  42. Aquaman VS Black Manta
  43. The Dead King’s Tomb
  44. Mera VS Black Manta
  45. The Dead King’s Tomb
  46. Vostok X
  47. Vostok-X’s Condition
  48. Black Manta Finds The Scepter Of The Dead King
  49. Aquaman Saves Doctor Shin
  50. The Others VS Black Manta
  51. Black Manta Kills Vostok-X
  52. Why Aquaman Is Ashamed Of His Past
  53. Black Manta Working With Atlanteans
  54. Aquaman And The Others VS Black Manta
  55. Aquaman Spares Black Manta’s Life
  56. Prisoner-Of-War Makes Peace With Himself
  57. Humans Captured The King Of Atlantis
  58. When Aquaman Needs To Talk To Ocean Master
  59. Black Manta Refuses To Join The Suicide Squad
  60. Aquaman Parleys With Ocean Master
  61. Aquaman Saves Jim Gordon And Harvey Bullock
  62. Jim Gordon And Harvey Bullock Meets Mera
  63. Vulko Punches Superman
  64. Aquaman Explains How Atlanteans Think To Batman
  65. Aquaman’s History With Atlantis
  66. Aquaman Flatters Batman
  67. Ocean Master Interacts With Humans
  68. Aquaman Chokes Batman
  69. Cyborg Gets An Upgrade To His Lung
  70. Justice League Reinforcements
  71. Superman And Wonder Woman Rescued From The Trench
  72. Vulko Started The War With Atlantis
  73. The 7 Seas
  74. Aquaman VS Whalers
  75. Murk (New 52)
  76. Aquaman (Aquaman 17)
  77. Murk’s Impression Of Humans
  78. Tula (New 52)
  79. Mera Is Arrested
  80. The Dead King (New 52)
  81. Topo (New 52)
  82. Aquaman Asks Topo For Help
  83. Ocean Master’s Opinion On The Justice System
  84. Murk VS Swatt
  85. Nereus (New 52)
  86. Skinwalker (New 52)
  87. Sky Alchesay’s Power
  88. How Sky Alchesay Gained The Seal Of Clarity
  89. Sky Describes A Skinwalker
  90. The Others VS Skinwalker
  91. Mera’s History With Nereus
  92. Aquaman Destroys A Submarine
  93. Mera Defends Aquaman From Nereus
  94. How To Enter Xebel
  95. Aquaman Meets The Dead King
  96. The Scavenger Finds Atlantis
  97. The Scavenger Attacks Atlantis
  98. Aquaman VS The Dead King
  99. Xebel Submits To The Dead King
  100. Aquaman And Mera Escapes Xebel
  101. Urn Saves Aquaman
  102. Aquaman Uses Topo To Attack The Scavenger’s Fleet
  103. The Dead King (Aquaman 23)
  104. How Aquaman’s Parents Met (New 52)
  105. Aquaman King Of The Seven Seas
  106. King Atlan Of Atlantis
  107. King Atlan Sinks Atlantis
  108. The Truth About Aquaman’s Ancestors
  109. Why Aquaman Is Richer Than Batman
  110. Aquaman Leads The Trench Against The Dead King
  111. Aquaman VS The Dead King 2
  112. Mera Becomes Aquaman’s Queen
  113. Aquaman And Mera
  114. When Aquaman Is In A Hurry
  115. Aquaman’s Stratosphere Punch
  116. Aquaman Sees The Karaqan’s Memories
  117. Aquaman VS The Karaqan
  118. Triton Base
  119. Aquaman Stops A Shark Attack
  120. Why Black Manta Hates Aquaman (New 52)  23.1
  121. Aquaman’s First Telepathic Contact
  122. Aquaman Attends His High School Reunion
  123. Aquaman Has A Sense Of Humour
  124. How The Giant-Born Were Released
  125. Aquaman VS The Giant-Born
  126. Hercules (New 52)
  127. Aquaman’s First Meeting With Hercules (New 52)
  128. How Hercules Was Betrayed
  129. How The Chimera Was Created
  130. Mera And Tula VS Atlantean Assassins
  131. Aquaman VS Hercules (New 52)
  132. The Underrealm
  133. Aquaman’s First Meeting With Swamp Thing (New 52)
  134. Aquaman And Ya’wara VS Swamp Thing
  135. Batman Knows Where Atlantis Is
  136. The Chimera Escapes Triton Base
  137. Mera And Tula VS Underrealm Rebels
  138. Mera Interrogates An Underrealm Rebel
  139. The Chimera Can Command Sea Creatures
  140. The Chimera Attacks Aquaman
  141. The Chimera’s Camouflage Ability
  142. Doctor Shin Explains The Chimera’s Origins
  143. The Chimera’s Shape Shifting Ability
  144. Aquaman VS The Chimera
  145. How Aquaman Dealt With Atlantean Rebels
  146. Why Atlantis Doesn’t Recognize Aquaman As King
  147. Martian Manhunter Muses About Being An Atlantean
  148. How Vulko Remembers Atlanna’s Death
  149. Aquaman And Mera Subdues Martian Manhunter
  150. Why Gorilla City Won’t Execute Grodd
  151. Grodd (Aquaman)
  152. Aquaman VS Gorilla Grodd
  153. The Gorillas Rebel Against Atlantis
  154. How Mera Tricked Grodd
  155. Aquaman And Mera VS Volcanic Golems
  156. Atlanna (New 52)
  157. Aquaman’s First Meeting With Atlanna
  158. Karaku The Volcano God
  159. Karaku The Volcano God 2
  160. Mera Takes Down Karaku
  161. Aquaman Convinces Atlanna Of His Identity
  162. Aquaman Visits Poseidon   43
  163. Poseidon Reveals The Mystery Of Thule
  164. Aquaman Sleeps With Siren
  165. Aquaman VS Siren
  166. Justice League VS Thule  47
  167. Mera Does Not Need Saving  47
  168. Aquaman And Mera Reunited
  169. Aquaman And The Drift VS Thule
  170. Aquaman’s Thoughts About Culture Sharing
  171. The Drift Learns About Land-Dweller Culture
  172. Mera’s New Costume
  173. Aquaman’s First Meeting With Dead Water
  174. Aquaman VS Dead Water
  175. Mera’s First Press Conference As Ambassador Of Atlantis
  176. The Scavenger VS Aquaman
  177. Aquaman VS The Scavenger
  178. Mera VS Dead Water
  179. Dead Water’s Origin Story
  180. Aquaman Kills Dead Water

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