A complete list of all Uncanny X-Men Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. How Cyclops Studies And Analyzes Opponents In His Head
  2. Emma Frost Is Soft Only For Cyclops  495
  3. The X-Men VS Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #500)
  4. Cyclops Declares San Francisco A Mutant Sanctuary
  5. Pixie Is Assaulted By The Hellfire Cult
  6. Emma Frost Describes A Shopping Spree
  7. The Red Queen (Uncanny X-Men #501)
  8. The X-Men Sets An Ambush For The Hellfire Cult
  9. Wolverine And Nightcrawler VS Hellfire Cult Members
  10. Dazzler Does Hospital Visits
  11. Cyclops Tortures A Hellfire Cult Member
  12. Emma Frost Visit’s Nightcrawler’s Chapel
  13. When Empath Tried To Enter Emma Frost’s Mind
  14. The X-Men VS Hellfire Cult
  15. Pixie Takes Down Empath
  16. Madelyne Pryor Seduces Cyclops
  17. Why Colossus Can’t Get A Tattoo
  18. Cyclops’s Mental Black Box
  19. The X-Men Recruits Doctor Nemesis
  20. The X-Men Recruits Madison Jeffries
  21. Storm Gives Relationship Advice To Emma Frost
  22. The X-Men Recruits Doctor Yuriko Takiguchi
  23. Leviathan (Uncanny X-Men #506)
  24. Archangel VS Leviathan
  25. Domino VS Chimera And Lady Deathstrike
  26. Colossus VS The Tattooed Man
  27. How Wolverine Recruited Northstar To The X-Men
  28. Why There Are 2 Psylockes
  29. Lady Deathstrike Ambushes Wolverine
  30. Emma Frost VS Lady Mastermind
  31. Wolverine VS Lady Deathstrike And Psylocke
  32. Storm (Uncanny X-Men #511)
  33. Dazzler VS Psylocke (Sisterhood)
  34. Magneto Submits To Cyclops
  35. Magneto Praises Cyclops’s Leadership  516
  36. Rogue Takes Down A Predator X  517
  37. The X-Men Learns About X-Force 523
  38. Cable Teaches Hope Summers What A Motel Is
  39. Cable And Hope Summers VS The Purifiers (Second Coming)
  40. Cyclops Meets Hope Summers
  41. Magneto’s First Meeting With Hope Summers
  42. Nightcrawler’s Funeral
  43. Hope Summers Calls Cyclops An SOB
  44. Fantastic Four (Second Coming)
  45. Mister Fantastic Meets Doctor Nemesis
  46. Cyclops’s Speech During The Battle Of San Francisco (Second Coming)
  47. X-Force Travels Into The Future (Second Coming)
  48. Hope Summers Learns More About Her Mom
  49. Hope Summers Activates Laurie Tromette’s Mutation  526
  50. What It Means To Be The Wolverine   534
  51. Namor Explains When Imperius Rex Can Be Used
  52. How The Breakworlders Brought Colossus Back To Life
  53. Kruun Takes Out Magneto
  54. Kruun (Uncanny X-Men #536)
  55. Kruun VS Colossus (Utopia)
  56. Wolverine VS Kruun
  57. Kruun VS Wolverine
  58. Kruun Confronts The X-Men
  59. How Kitty Pryde Became Tangible Again
  60. Breakworlders Settle In San Francisco
  61. Why The Crimson Commando Kidnapped Hope Summers  539
  62. The Crimson Commando Tortures Hope Summers
  63. Wolverine Kills The Crimson Commando
  64. Why Wolverine Avoids Hope Summers
  65. Kuurth Chooses His Herald
  66. Emma Frost Turns Down Namor
  67. Kuurth, Breaker Of Stone
  68. Cyclops Explains The Juggernaut To Mayor Sinclair
  69. X-Men VS Kuurth
  70. Why Cyclops Doesn’t Have A Plan B
  71. Hope Summers VS Kuurth
  72. Emma Frost Attacks Kuurth Telepathically (Fear Itself)
  73. How The X-Men Tried To Stop Kuurth
  74. Cyttorak (Fear Itself)
  75. How Colossus Became The Juggernaut
  76. Colossus’s Thoughts On Being The Juggernaut
  77. Colossus VS Kuurth
  78. Summers And Grey Family Tree
  79. The Trial Of Hank Mccoy     600
  80. Iceman Admits He’s Gay
  81. Colossus And Magik’s Reunion
  82. Why Jean Grey Doesn’t Like Hugs From Iceman
  83. Cyclops’s Mutant Revolution

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