4 years ago when DC Comics relaunched all of their titles in the New 52 reboot, my clone and I were just beginning to get into comics. Having shared the same sentiment that since we were already working and earning our own keep, it would only be right to support our new hobby by actually buying something. The relaunch was perfect timing since all of DC’s titles started back at issue number 1. My clone decided to start collecting Batman and the Justice League while I chose Nightwing, and some other series from Marvel that I can’t recall.

After 2 years of consistent solid story arcs, I made the decision to collect Justice League comics as well. It was no easy task since by then at least 24 issues have already gone out, and the prices of some of those issues have rose quite high, no surprise that issue number 1 is the highest. Thus began my thrilling hunt for these issues. Aside from the local book store, I also frequented comic book conventions where it wasn’t unusual to find them being sold in discounted prices. I remember scoring 9 of them from last years Komikon event for only P60 pesos in a Buy 4 Take 1 deal. It was definitely a steal.

Now I only have the Red Robin and Superior Spider-man series to complete.

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