Fear Itself is a Marvel comics comic event published in 2011 which had a core mini series of 8 issues and crosses over with the majority of their ongoing series. The story begins with Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter, taking possession of an enchanted hammer that enables her to liberate the Serpent, a mysterious and powerful individual imprisoned ages ago by the Asgardian leader Odin. Once free, the Serpent calls down 7 magical hammers and bonds them with both heroes and villains alike as new hosts. Calling them the Worthy, he commands them to spread havoc and destruction all over the planet in order to build his strength through everyone’s fears. The Avengers are in the forefront of the fight along with Thor, who is connected to the Serpent by an old prophecy.


fear itself the worthy

A complete list of all Fear Itself posts in chronological order.

  1. Red Skull Becomes Skadi
  2. Skadi Sets The Serpent Free
  3. Uatu The Watcher Judges Odin
  4. Thor Chooses Man Over Gods
  5. The Hulk Becomes Nul Breaker Of Worlds
  6. Thor VS Odin (Fear Itself)
  7. The Juggernaut Becomes Kuurth Breaker Of Stone
  8. The Hulk Becomes Nul Breaker Of Worlds
  9. Titania Becomes Skirn Breaker Of Men
  10. The Serpent’s Nazi Robot Army
  11. Greithoth Breaker Of Wills
  12. Nerkkod Breaker Of Oceans
  13. The Thing Becomes Angrir Breaker Of Souls
  14. Captain America VS Skadi
  15. Steve Rogers Becomes Captain America (Fear Itself)
  16. Captain America, Iron Man And Thor (Fear Itself)
  17. Nerkkod Slaughters Atlanteans
  18. What Iron Man Sacrificed To Odin
  19. The Serpent Reveals Odin’s Secret
  20. Nul And Angrir VS Thor
  21. Thor VS Nul And Angrir
  22. Skadi VS Captain America
  23. What Iron Man Demanded From Odin
  24. The Serpent And Skadi VS The Avengers
  25. The Serpent Breaks Captain America’s Shield
  26. Franklin Richards Saves The Thing
  27. Thor VS Nul
  28. Captain America Tells Odin Off
  29. Odin Reveals His Secret To Thor
  30. Odin Gives Thor The Ragnarok
  31. Iron Man Creates Asgardian Weapons For The Avengers
  32. Captain America’s Militia Against The Serpent
  33. Captain America Takes On The Serpent’s Army
  34. The Avengers Receive Their Odin-Blessed Weapons
  35. The Serpent Changes Into His Final Form
  36. Black Widow (Fear Itself)
  37. Hawkeye (Fear Itself)
  38. Captain America Picks Up Mjolnir (Fear Itself)
  39. The Avengers VS The Serpent And His Army
  40. Doctor Strange And Iron Fist VS Skirn
  41. Red She-Hulk VS Nerkkod
  42. Wolverine VS Kuurth
  43. Thor VS The Serpent
  44. Death Of Thor (Fear Itself)
  45. Captain America’s Shield Is Repaired
  46. Avengers And New Avengers (Fear Itself)

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