Superman Volume 3 is a comic series from DC Comics featuring the adventures of Superman which falls under the new Rebirth rebranding of the company. It’s not a reboot like the previous New 52 series, but more of a continuation of the existing storylines. The New 52 Superman died at the end of the previous volume and we then learn that the Pre-New 52 Superman and his family survived the events of Convergence, and has been living in the new Earth in secret. Pre-New 52, or we can also call it Pre-Flashpoint since the New 52 started after the Flashpoint Paradox event occurred.

Anyway, the main thing about this is we get the Superman everyone is familiar with. He’s now part of this world where superheroes and villains are a recent thing, and all of his accumulated experience from his own world gives him that distinct edge. The new series also focuses on the new character in the form of Jonathan Samuel Kent, his half human and Kryptonian son, as he comes to terms with his emerging powers.


A complete list of all Superman Volume 4 posts in chronological order.

  1. Jonathan Kent Struggles With His Kryptonian Powers
  2. Jonathan Kent Eavesdrop On Superman, Batman And Wonder Woman
  3. Superman Coaches His Son On Using Heat-Vision
  4. Why Superman’s Son Wants To Wear The S Logo
  5. Superman’s Family (Superman Vol. 3 #2)
  6. Superman Meets The Eradicator (Rebirth)
  7. The Eradicator Explains His Mission (Rebirth)
  8. The Eradicator Absorbs Krypto’s Life Force
  9. Superman And Son VS The Eradicator (Rebirth)
  10. Batman’s Hidden Batcave On The Moon
  11. The Eradicator Absorbs Superman
  12. Lois Lane Uses The Hellbat Against The Eradicator
  13. How Superman Escaped The Eradicator (Rebirth)
  14. Superman VS The Eradicator (Rebirth)
  15. Superman In The Moon
  16. Batman And Wonder Woman Meets Superboy (Rebirth)
  17. When Superman Has Free Time
  18. Superman VS A Giant Fish
  19. Superman And Superboy VS Pterodactyls
  20. Superman Discovers The Grave Of The Losers
  21. Superman And Superboy Meets William Storm
  22. How Captain Storm Trained A Pterodactyl
  23. Superman And Captain Storm VS The Monsters Of Dinosaur Island
  24. Superboy’s Freeze Breath Manifests (Rebirth)
  25. Superboy Meets Robin (Rebirth)
  26. Superboy VS Robin (Rebirth)
  27. Robin And Superboy VS Nobody
  28. Robin And Superboy VS Goliath
  29. Superboy, Robin And Goliath
  30. Supersons
  31. The Kents And The Waynes Bonding Together
  32. Frankenstein (Superman Vol. 4 #12)
  33. Lois Lane Uses A Hellbat Glove
  34. Superman VS Frankenstein (Rebirth)
  35. Lois Lane Punches Kroog
  36. Why Frankenstein And The Bride Split Up (Rebirth)
  37. Red Son Superman (Superman Vol. 4 #14)
  38. Superman And Red Son Superman VS The Gatherers
  39. What Is The Justice League Incarnate
  40. Chinese Superman VS The Gatherers
  41. Justice League Of Assassins
  42. What The Justice League Incarnate Does
  43. Prophecy (Superman Vol. 4 #15)
  44. How Red Racer Died
  45. Superman’s First Meeting With Chinese Superman
  46. The Justice League Incarnate VS Prophecy
  47. Clark Kent Bonds With Kong Kenan
  48. Mister Oz Captures Prophecy   16
  49. Batman Doesn’t Eat Pie    20
  50. Why Superboy Can Be Stronger Than Superman (Rebirth)
  51. Batman (Superman Vol. 4 #20)
  52. Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #21)
  53. Superman, Superboy And Robin (Superman Vol. 4 #21)
  54. Superboy Kills A Giant Squid
  55. Kathy Branden Chokes Robin
  56. Lois Lane Drives The Batmobile (Rebirth)
  57. Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #25)
  58. Superman And Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #26)
  59. Superman And Superboy VS Dreadnought And Psi-Phon     26
  60. Superman Vol. 4 #29
  61. Parallax Possesses Superman (Rebirth)
  62. Parallax (Superman Vol. 4 #29)
  63. Sinestro and Parallax-Superman
  64. Parallax Superman VS Sinestro
  65. What Superman Does Fear Most
  66. How Superman Captured Parallax
  67. Superman Vol. 4 #31
  68. Lois Lane And Deathstroke (Superman Vol. 4 #31)
  69. Lois Lane Describes Deathstroke (Rebirth)
  70. Lois Lane Interviews Deathstroke
  71. Deathstroke Shoots Lois Lane
  72. Superman VS Deathstroke (Rebirth)
  73. Why Deathstroke Wants Superman To Kill Him
  74. Amanda Waller (Superman Vol. 4 #32)
  75. Superman And Lex Luthor Stopping a Robbery (Rebirth)
  76. Superman And Lex Luthor (Superman Vol. 4 #33)
  77. Superman And Superboy VS Lexbots
  78. Superman Vol. 3 #34
  79. How Lois Lane Became A Fury (Rebirth)
  80. A Dredge Worm (Rebirth)
  81. Superboy In Apokolips (Rebirth)
  82. Superman And Lex Luthor (Superman Vol. 4 #35)
  83. Kalibak (Superman Vol. 4 #35)
  84. Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #35)
  85. Superman’s Family VS Apokolips (Rebirth)
  86. Superman Becomes Ruler Of Apokolips (Rebirth)
  87. Lex Luthor Removes The S From His Armor
  88. Lex Luthor (Superman Vol. 4 #36)
  89. Bruce Wayne VS Batman Tim Drake (Rebirth)
  90. Superman Vol. 4 #37
  91. Superman VS Batman Tim Drake (Rebirth)   37
  92. Superman And Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #40)
  93. Superman And Superboy (Superman Vol. 4 #41)
  94. How Superman Dealt With A Religious Zealot
  95. Superman Talks To His Son About God

Annual 1

  1. Superman Meets Swamp Thing (Rebirth)
  2. Superman Accidentally Infects Swamp Thing (Rebirth)
  3. Superman VS Swamp Thing (Rebirth)
  4. Swamp Thing Heals Superman (Rebirth)

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