Prime Earth Nightwing meets New Earth Superman, or Pre-Flashpoint Superman as I used to call him. For the longest time I’ve been harping about the lack of focus on the original Superman’s thoughts on living in a new Earth without the heroes and friends he came from.

To put it into a different perspective: imagine you’re suddenly transported into a different universe which is almost exactly the same as yours. It has the same people you knew and the same places you’re familiar with. The only catch is you don’t have any shared experiences with them. All your memories and interactions were with the friends from your own Earth, not these people in this new Earth.

I think that’s so jarring and scary… to have shared so many life threatening adventures with you’re best friend and to be transported somewhere where an exact copy of your friend has no memory of all these things.

So my original point is, this latest issue of Nightwing finally begins to address that viewpoint. Superman, while trying to help out New 52 Nightwing with his nightmares, casually mentions that he was good friends with the Nightwing of his Earth. And Nightwing responds back that he was close to the New 52 Superman who died and is a bit apprehensive with this new Superman who’s a stranger.

Hope the other DC issues that Superman pops into gets the same interaction. Heck, maybe have a 3rd comic series about Superman where he just deals with integrating himself into this new Earth.

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