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For the first two parts of their fight, click here and here.

From – Injustice Gods Among Us Year 4 #9

18 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Beats Superman (Injustice Gods Among Us)”
  1. Of course Wonder Woman won otherwise the feminists would crucify the editors. Every time girl fights a guy, comic, TV or a movie, regardless, she’s bound to win due to the f*****g political correctness. Mark my words.

    1. You’re so right, I’m glad i’m not a comic reader, ’cause if i was after watching this bs, I would have burned up all my hypothetical colleciton in a second.
      Damn, they screwed Superman the most important figure in comics just to make this femminist bs I have no words. Only puke for them.

      1. LOL indeed.

        DC feels like it has enough interest to repeatedly create the idiotic plots of Batman vs. Superman. Which I have always despised.

        But somehow it’s Superman fighting and possibly losing against a woman, who nearly rivals him in strength and endurance, to be trash.

    2. Hold the phone. You’ll believe Batman can win a fight against Superman. But if Wonder Woman, who is an amazon warrior with enhanced MAGICAL (you know, magic, the stuff Superman is weak too?) abilities beats Superman then it’s a feminist movement? You sound retarded. Also, why couldn’t it just be how the story goes? Why did it have to JUST HAVE TO HAVE some political correctness behind it? I swear, you edgy “anti-feminists” try so hard to find ways to victimize yourselves. Like, grow up already. Wonder Woman still gets her ass handed to her by Batman, I don’t see feminists lining up to boycott Batman.

    3. wonder woman is super powered and she’s a skilled warrior of course she has her chances vs superman; dont worry you won’t loose your penis because she won.

  2. No, it isn’t due to ‘political correctness’. It is just what happens throughout time, you pieces of moronic waste. Times well before your own worshiped women…men…Fuck, even cats. Get over your own dick, man. Countless others have one just like it, some better…some worse…It fucking happens.

  3. This story is not accurate, first of all I don’t really think she could break his arm, point being, Superman has fought beings more powerful than Wonder Woman and not once he suffered a broken bone?! And even she did, it would take seconds maybe minutes to heal. And second, a Superman not holding back on his power and he couldn’t even phase her?! Bull crap! Superman has really become a whipping dog for any all to whip up on just because he’s who he is! I can write better than this crap!

    1. But Supes is holding back. “WANT has nothing to do with it”, “Surrender, damn you”. WW on the other hand is going all out and isn’t as nice as he is, not crazy for her to win this one. Supes certainly lost fights for sillier reasons.

      If he were really pissed off and not fighting a friend (like with Mongul in the “For the man who has everything” story), he’d win.

  4. You know to all those that think Superman is the most powerful I agree but are all in uproar cause out of the few heroes/heorins that can beat Superman, they get pissed at a extremely powerful female beating him… what wrong with you all? Wonderwoman is extremely powerful plus has mean fighting skills. When Wonderwoman beats Superman it comes down to skill.its like a brawler v.s mix martial artist.i love both characters but give credit to where it’s due!!

  5. The comics have always stated them to be close in strength and speed. This is not a stretch for her to win from time to time. Most of their fights are stand-offs. This one she happened to win, fair and square. There are times he will win. They’re evenly matched. It’s always been that way. Nothing new.

    Get over your “feats” arguments.
    Get over your “but he always holds back” arguments

    The comics have ALWAYS put them close in power. Going back decades and decades and decades.

    Just get over it.

  6. You Know if I risk my life to do something heroic. Don’t call me Superman, rather call me Goku than this guy who gets beaten up by a girl like this. Its clear now that Supes is no longer the most Iconic super hero of all times

  7. Who the hell fucked up Superman’s high speed regeneration?! He could easily heal that broken arm in a second! Superman would never lose to Wonder Woman in a hand-to-hand combat. Look up what Torquasm-Vo, Torquasm-Zoa, and Torquasm-Rao can do!!!

  8. where the world is all this Wonder Woman hate coming from & Superman never had 2wo second healing and totally fights thru the serious pain

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