Inhumans VS X-Men is a Marvel Comics event that pits the Inhumans against the X-Men due to the former’s holy Terrigen mists prove to be fatal to the mutants. When Beast, who’s been working with the Inhumans to find ways to fix the problem, learns that the remaining Terrigen cloud would soon disperse and render the entire Earth uninhabitable to mutants, the X-Men decided to act and fight for their survival.


A complete list of all Inhumans VS X-Men posts in chronological order.

  1. How Emma Frost Trained For Black Bolt (IVX)
  2. Emma Frost Recruits Magneto’s X-Men (IVX)
  3. Emma Frost Recruits The All New X-Men (IVX)
  4. Why Beast Can’t Fix The Terrigen Cloud (IVX)
  5. Why The X-Men Declared War On The Inhumans
  6. How Jean Grey Took Down Karnak (IVX)
  7. Emma Frost And Dazzler Takes Down Black Bolt (IVX)
  8. Fantomex Takes Out Lockjaw (IVX)
  9. Storm Takes Out Beast (IVX)
  10. Magneto Takes Out Gorgon And Crystal (IVX)
  11. The X-Men (Inhumans VS X-Men #1)
  12. Medusa (IVX)
  13. Young Beast VS Medusa (IVX)
  14. Sabretooth VS Human Torch (IVX)
  15. Magik Takes Out Several Inhumans (IVX)
  16. Inferno VS Old Man Logan (IVX)
  17. Karnak Escapes Jean Grey’s Mental Prison (IVX)
  18. Fantomex Faces Off With Karnak (IVX)
  19. Black Bolt’s Prison (IVX)
  20. How The Inhumans Escaped Their Limbo Prison (IVX)
  21. Mosaic Takes Control Of Magneto’s Body
  22. The Inhumans Attack X-Haven
  23. Emma Frost’s New Costume (IVX)

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