What Happened To Tony Stark After Civil War II What Happened To Tony Stark After Civil War II


This is a new way for Marvel to shelve their characters aside without actually killing them. So Tony Stark’s in a coma because of all the modifications he’s made to his body.

From – Civil War II #8

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  1. This is what is known as “having your cake and eating it”, I believe, something I’ve always been told is impossible and, having seen this attempt from Marvel, I think I can see why. It’s not very… satisfying, is it? No death = no emotional impact = no nice funeral issue (in which the aforementioned emotional impact can be extended further) = no outcry from outraged fans and/or a bemused press (you can’t kill Stark while Robert Downey Jr’s playing the part, surely?) = the handwringing above notwithstanding, no consequences for Carol or anyone else on her side? (I don’t know about that last one. I’ve not read many of the post-Civil War II releases and, given her potrayal in Civil War II, I have no desire whatsoever to read another Captain Marvel book ever again.) It’s all a bit… insipid, isn’t it? Lovely art, mind you. Absolutely beautiful. πŸ™‚

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