Civil War II

civil war 2


A complete list of all Civil War II Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. The Avengers, X-Men, Ultimates And Inhumans VS A Celestial
  2. Reason For Civil War II Between Iron Man And Captain Marvel
  3. Thanos Kills War Machine (Civil War II)
  4. How Iron Man Started A War With The Inhumans (Civil War II)
  5. Iron Man Studies Ulysses’s Powers (Civil War II)
  6. Ulysses’s Vision Where The Hulk Kills Everyone (Civil War II)  2
  7. Hawkeye Kills Bruce Banner (Civil War II) 3
  8. Why Hawkeye Killed Bruce Banner (Civil War II)  3
  9. Iron Man Explains The True Nature Of Ulysses’ Power  4
  10. Hawkeye Is Acquitted (Civil War II) 4
  11. Iron Man And Captain Marvel’s Teams (Civil War II)  4
  12. Will Spider-Man Kill Captain America (Civil War II)?  5
  13. Why Black Panther Switched Sides (Civil War II)  6
  14. The Guardians Of The Galaxy Sides With Captain Marvel (Civil War II)