Superman Shazam first thunder

A complete list of all Superman/Shazam: First Thunder posts in chronological order.

  1. Captain Marvel (First Thunder #1)
  2. Superman VS Temple Of Bagdan Disciples
  3. Captain Marvel VS 2 Giant Fire-Breathing Robots
  4. Billy Batson Transforms Into Captain Marvel (First Thunder)
  5. Superman And Captain Marvel VS Mallus Trolls
  6. Superman And Captain Marvel Bonding At Mt. Everest
  7. The Gods In Sabbac’s Name (First Thunder)
  8. The Wizard Shazam (First Thunder #3)
  9. Sabbac (First Thunder)
  10. Captain Marvel VS Sabbac (First Thunder)
  11. Superman VS Eclipso (First Thunder)
  12. Doctor Sivana Tries To Kill A Little Boy (First Thunder)
  13. Captain Marvel (First Thunder #4)
  14. Billy Batson’s Best Friend Dies (First Thunder)
  15. Superman Learns Captain Marvel’s Secret Identity (First Thunder)
  16. Superman Confronts The Wizard Shazam (First Thunder)
  17. Superman Shares His Secret Identity With Billy Batson (First Thunder)

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