Robin War is a DC Comics crossover storyline published in December 2015 until January 2016, which spanned from the issues between the Robin War, Grayson, Detective Comics Volume 2, We Are Robin and Robin — Son of Batman comic series. It told the tale of how the 4 original Robins banded together and trained the We Are Robin movement in order to protect themselves from the newly enacted Robin Law in Gotham city. The law was set into motion by the Court of Owls for a hidden purpose revealed in the storyline’s ending.



A complete list of all Robin War posts in chronological order.

  1. What Caused The Robin Laws To Be Passed
  2. The Robin Laws
  3. Robin (Damian Wayne) Confronts We Are Robin
  4. Damian Wayne (Robin War)
  5. Robin (Damian Wayne) Meets Batman (Jim Gordon)
  6. Batman (Jim Gordon) VS Robin (Damian Wayne)
  7. The One Person Damian Wayne Listens To
  8. The Original Robins
  9. Dick Grayson Agrees To Train The We Are Robin Group
  10. Robin (Damian Wayne) Trains The We Are Robin Group
  11. Red Robin Trains The We Are Robin Group
  12. Red Hood Trains The We Are Robin Group
  13. Dick Grayson Trains Duke Thomas
  14. Dick Grayson And Duke Thomas (Robin War)
  15. Why Dick Grayson Betrayed The Robins (Robin War)
  16. The Cage (Robin War)
  17. Batman (Jim Gordon) VS Dick Grayson
  18. Jim Gordon’s Opinion On Child Soldiers
  19. Batman And Robin (Robin War)
  20. Red Hood VS Red Robin (Robin War)
  21. What Duke Thomas Realized About The Robins
  22. Red Hood, Red Robin And Robin VS The Talons
  23. Robin Joins The Court Of Owls
  24. Why Robin Joined The Court Of Owls
  25. Robin VS Red Hood, Red Robin And We Are Robin (Robin War)
  26. Robin (Damian Wayne) VS Duke Thomas (Robin War)
  27. Why Dick Grayson Joined The Court Of Owls
  28. Robin (Damian Wayne) Bonds With Duke Thomas
  29. Dick Grayson Joins The Court Of Owls

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