A complete list of all Justice League VS Suicide Squad posts in chronological order.

  1. Maxwell Lord’s Team (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  2. The Suicide Squad (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  3. Why The Justice League Does Not Approve Of The Suicide Squad
  4. The Suicide Squad Assassinates Apex
  5. Superman Saves Deadshot (Rebirth)
  6. The Suicide Squad VS The Justice League
  7. The Justice League (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  8. Maxwell Lord (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  9. Amanda Waller (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  10. The Suicide Squad Attacks The Justice League (Rebirth)
  11. Cyborg VS Killer Frost (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  12. The Green Lanterns VS El Diablo (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  13. Batman VS Deadshot (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  14. Aquaman VS Killer Croc (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  15. Wonder Woman VS Harley Quinn (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  16. How Killer Frost Defeated Superman
  17. Amanda Waller Captures The Justice League
  18. Batman Escapes From Amanda Waller (Rebirth)
  19. The Suicide Squad Taunts An Imprisoned Justice League
  20. Why Killer Frost Held Back Against Superman
  21. Deadshot Describes The Suicide Squad (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  22. Amanda Waller Describes The First Suicide Squad (Rebirth)
  23. Why Amanda Waller Needs The Justice League And Suicide Squad
  24. The First Suicide Squad (Rebirth)
  25. Maxwell Lord’s Team Faces Off Against The Justice League And Suicide Squad
  26. Maxwell Lord VS The Enchantress
  27. Johnny Sorrow’s Secondary Power
  28. Batman Blows Lobo’s Head Off
  29. Katana VS Rustam (Rebirth)
  30. Green Lanterns VS Emerald Empress (Rebirth)
  31. Wonder Woman And Harley Quinn VS Johnny Sorrow
  32. Cyborg VS Doctor Polaris (Rebirth)
  33. Maxwell Lord Mind Controls The Justice League (Rebirth)
  34. How Maxwell Lord Brought Peace To The World
  35. Lobo (Justice League VS Suicide Squad #5)
  36. Batman Turns The Suicide Squad Into The Justice League
  37. Why The Eclipso Diamond Is Dangerous (Rebirth)
  38. The Suicide Squad As The Justice League
  39. Mind-Controlled Justice League (Justice League VS Suicide Squad #5)
  40. Eclipso (Justice League VS Suicide Squad)
  41. Eclipso Mind Controls The Suicide Squad
  42. How Killer Frost Broke Eclipso’s Mind Control
  43. How Killer Frost Defeated Eclipso (Rebirth)
  44. How Killer Frost Joined The Justice League (Rebirth)
  45. How Lobo Joined The Justice League (Rebirth)
  46. The Real Villain In Justice League VS Suicide Squad

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