Infamous Iron Man is a Marvel comic series detailing the adventures of Victor Von Doom, who’s more known as the villain Doctor Doom, as he tries his hand at being a super hero. After the events of Civil War II, Tony Stark fell into a comatose-like state. Victor Von Doom took it as a sign to live a straight path and carry on the mantle of Iron Man.



A complete list of all Infamous Iron Man Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. The Hood Annoys Doctor Doom
  2. Doctor Doom VS Diablo (Infamous Iron Man #1)
  3. Doctor Doom Decides To Become Iron Man
  4. Infamous Iron Man VS The Mad Thinker
  5. Infamous Iron Man VS The Thing
  6. Why Doctor Doom Became Iron Man
  7. Infamous Iron Man VS Doombots
  8. Infamous Iron Man VS Cynthia Von Doom
  9. Infamous Iron Man VS Wizard
  10. Infamous Iron Man Arrests 42 Costumed Criminals
  11. Riri Williams Meets Victor Von Doom
  12. Mister Fantastic Wants Victor Von Doom Dead
  13. Tony Stark As Sorcerer Supreme
  14. Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark
  15. Cynthia Von Doom VS SHIELD
  16. Victor Von Doom Learns His Mother Is A Witch
  17. Cynthia Von Doom Trains Victor Von Doom In Mystic Arts
  18. Latveria Loves Doctor Doom (Infamous Iron Man)
  19. Doctor Strange And Doctor Doom Meditating Together
  20. Mephisto (Infamous Iron Man #11)
  21. Infamous Iron Man And Doctor Strange VS Mephisto
  22. Why Mephisto Hates Victor Von Doom
  23. Infamous Iron Man #12

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