Professor X Declares Krakoa A Mutant Country (House Of X) Professor X Declares Krakoa A Mutant Country (House Of X) Professor X Declares Krakoa A Mutant Country (House Of X) Professor X Declares Krakoa A Mutant Country (House Of X) Professor X Declares Krakoa A Mutant Country (House Of X)


Humans of the planet Earth… I am the mutant Charles Xavier, and I bring you a message of hope. In the coming days, you will learn of several far-reaching pharmaceutical breakthroughs that have been discovered by mutant scientists.

These drugs extend human life, heal diseases of the mind and will prevent..or cure..most common maladies. Influenza, Alzheimer’s, ALS, many cancers…gone. Overnight. These drugs will make life on this planet..better. Remarkably so.

All this.. we have made for you.

In the past, they would have been a gift. Something freely given by you.. because I believed it would create harmony between our two peoples.

That was my dream..harmony..but you have taught me a harsh lesson: That dream was a lie. You see, all I ever wanted was peace between humans and mutants. All I ever wanted was to love you and for you to love us.

We wanted to save you.. and we did, many times.. but in return, all you did was stand by while evil men killed our children. Over 16 million of them. So there will be no gift… for you have not earned it. We will.. however.. let you pay for it.

In return for two things, we will provide you with the means to have a better life. One without pain or suffering and full of hope.. and it will cost you so little.

First, you must accept the island of Krakoa as the nation-state of all mutants on this planet. We will happily go through the same process as any newly formed nation with the U.N., but there is an expectation that our sovereignty will be recognized.

Second, all birth.. can claim Krakoan citizenship. And with that citizenship, we expect a period of amnesty. So that those who have been singled out as criminals.. or punished and imprisoned by humans.. can overcome man’s bias against mutants.

From this day forward, mutants will be judged by mutant law, not man’s. These are our simple demands, and they are not negotiable. In return for making our lives better, we will do the same for you.

And if you find yourselves asking, who are these mutants to think they can dictate terms to us? We are the future. An evolutionary inevitability. The Earth’s true inheritors. You closed your eyes last night believing this world would be yours forever. That was your dream. And like mine… it was a lie.

Here is a new truth: while you slept, the world changed.


Gotta say, that’s one awesome speech from Professor X. Humans are actually the winners in that deal, they get a miracle drug and all they have to do is allow mutants to have their own nation.

From – House of X #6

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  1. Except laws and national sovereignty do not work like that. Commit a crime in whatever nation in the world and that person is judged by that nation’s laws – not his/her own. Found with drugs in Indonesia? You’re SOL. Murder anyone, anywhere? You are definitely NOT getting “amnesty.” Oh, but those nations would give it up for these miracle drugs Hickman says? If anything, this would create black market for them, whereby others would gain access and eventually synthesize it all. Much like how China regularly steals the IPR from other countries. This is all intriguing but Hickman is getting kinda lazy here.

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