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Category: New Super-Man


Clark Kent Bonds With Kong Kenan

Pretty satisfied on how these two first met, and their easy going interaction. Clark comes of as a big brother type and Kenan somehow found a way to bottle in […]


Folding Paper Man’s Powers

He can make himself small enough to fit inside a person’s stomach, and he can transform into sharp objects. I wonder if burning him or dousing him with water would […]


Kong Kenan’s First Heroic Act

Right from the bat you know there’s something different about Kong Kenan — the quick manner he turns from a bully and a jerk into a brave person who stands […]


Kong Kenan Is A Bully

Instead of having a goody-goody character, the Chinese Super-Man’s going the opposite direction. From – New Super-Man #1


The Academy Of The Bat

I can just see Bruce Wayne taking in a kid from this academy and turning him into a Robin. From – New Super-Man #7


Chinese Batman VS Feng Rongpei

So much goodies in this issue: Chinese Green Lantern? Make it happen! I have a feeling this rival of Chinese Bat-man is going to turn into the Chinese Joker. From […]