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Category: Suicide Squad

Animal Man Dies (Injustice II)

Animal Man Dies (Injustice II)

  Even though it’s not shown in the comic, I think it’s Deadshot who killed Animal Man by shooting him in the head. Athanasia al Ghul called in the Suicide […]


Suicide Squad Volume 5

A complete list of all Suicide Squad Volume 5 posts in chronological order. Deadshot’s Background Story (Rebirth) Suicide Squad (Rebirth) .  1 The Red Wave (Suicide Squad Vol. 5 #30) […]

Artemis VS Harley Quinn (Rebirth)

Artemis VS Harley Quinn (Rebirth)

  At first I was disappointed the fight between Artemis and Harley Quinn wasn’t shown, but then I thought about it, and I realized it would have been boring. 1 […]