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A complete list of all New Suicide Squad Volume 1 posts in chronological order.

  1. New Suicide Squad
  2. Suicide Squad Discusses Their First Mission
  3. New Suicide Squad #2
  4. The Joker’s Daughter Copies Harley Quinn
  5. Rocket Red Brigade (New 52)
  6. The Rocket Red Brigade Takes Out Deadshot
  7. The Joker’s Daughter Taunts Harley Quinn
  8. Harley Quinn VS The Joker’s Daughter
  9. Deathstroke (New Suicide Squad #3)
  10. Deathstroke Tortures Deadshot
  11. Black Manta And Harley Quinn Team Up
  12. Black Manta And Harley Quinn VS Deathstroke
  13. Amanda Waller Takes Down Vic Sage
  14. Harley Quinn Loves Taylor Swift     5
  15. s
  16. Amanda Waller Describes The New League Of Assassins    9
  17. What The Suicide Squad Refuses To Do
  18. The League Hazes The New Suicide Squad
  19. The Final Test To Join The League
  20. Why Harley Quinn Still Wears Clown Makeup     10

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