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Category: Superman

What Catwoman Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

What Catwoman Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

  Frankly I’m getting tired of the unending “Batman can’t be happy and be Batman” line these past issues. The story’s really not going anywhere either. From – Batman Vol. 3 […]

Harley Quinn Escapes From The Trinity

Harley Quinn Escapes From The Trinity

  Harley Quinn taking Batman hostage…. I’m supposed to believe this? I can understand Superman being angry at Batman for carrying Kryptonite, hence throwing shade by saying “Harley’s as good […]

Superman VS Temple Of Bagdan Disciples

Superman VS Temple Of Bagdan Disciples

  Superman goes against disciples of the Temple of Bagdan, and is reminded that he may be invulnerable to most harm, but magic isn’t one of them. From – Superman/Shazam: […]

Superman Shazam first thunder

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder

A complete list of all Superman/Shazam: First Thunder posts in chronological order. Captain Marvel (First Thunder #1) Superman VS Temple Of Bagdan Disciples Captain Marvel VS 2 Giant Fire-Breathing Robots […]

Super Sons VS Kid Amazo

Super Sons VS Kid Amazo

Kid Amazo is siphoning off the powers of the Justice League, and Robin’s brilliant plan was to let Amazo take control of Cyborg. Once Victor Stone was possessed, Robin used […]

Hush Copies Dick Grayson's Face

Hush Copies Dick Grayson’s Face

  I don’t think I followed any stories involving Hush since before the New 52, or maybe I did and I don’t remember, but the last time I’ve heard of […]