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Category: Superman

Booster Gold's Wedding Gift To Batman

Booster Gold’s Wedding Gift To Batman

Booster Gold’s referring to the time Superman was trapped inside the dream made by the black mercy. Kinda irresponsible of Booster to change the time for Batman even if they […]

Kid Amazo Captures The Justice League

Kid Amazo Captures The Justice League

  If Kid Amazo managed to capture the Justice League’s heavy hitters, he’s the real deal then. Imagine, he captured Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash. From – Super Sons […]

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Are Together

Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Are Together

So… Poison Ivy has a mental breakdown and controls the entire population of the planet except Batman and Catwoman. Batman beats her by getting Harley Quinn to comfort her friend […]

Poison Ivy Kills Batman (Rebirth)

Poison Ivy Kills Batman (Rebirth)

  Not even entirely sure if Batman did die, and if he did, how can Harley Quinn help him? Since when did she have 4 PHD’s? From – Batman Vol. 3 […]

Batman Takes Down Superman With A Whistle

Batman Takes Down Superman With A Whistle

Wouldn’t be the first time Superman was mind controlled by Poison Ivy. See how Batman made it appear he wanted to tell Catwoman a secret, therefore making Superman listen extra […]