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Bruce Wayne (Batman Vol. 2 #48)

Bruce Wayne (Batman Vol. 2 #48)

  Bruce Wayne with amnesia decides to become Batman again, and demands Alfred Pennyworth to take him to the batcave. From – Batman Vol. 2 #48

Batman's New Car: The Nightclimber

Batman’s New Car: The Nightclimber

  First off, the idea that Lucius Fox would just have Wayne Enterprises create an entire room full of automatic 3d printers to make Batman’s gadgets and automobiles is genius. […]

Batman Vol. 2 #30

Batman Vol. 2 #30

  Gentlemen, meet my friend… The “$%$^! Psycho in a Batsuit”. No offense From – Batman Vol. 2 #30

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

  Batman explains to the Bat family that Joker is bluffing, that he doesn’t know their secret identities or how it’s impossible for Joker to be able to infiltrate the […]

The Talons Attack Wayne Manor

The Talons Attack Wayne Manor

  Judging from the reactions of the Talons, the Court of Owls didn’t know Bruce Wayne was Batman. But then if that’s the case, why send a over a dozen […]

Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

Superman Kills The Flash (DCeased)

  Superman kills a zombified Flash by flying straight at him at super speed. Really smart of Superman to attack Flash from the other side, since he wouldn’t be able […]

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

Firestorm Kills Martian Manhunter (DCeased)

  A zombified Martian Manhunter starts attacking every hero, and Lex Luthor, inside the Fortress of Solitude. He managed to kill Luthor, and infected the Flash, before Firestorm killed him […]