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How Batman Became The Murder Machine

How Batman Became The Murder Machine

I’m starting to get the sense that all of the Dark Nights are just a collection of Batman from different Earths that wasn’t able to handle their grief after a […]

Aquaman And Dolphin VS Kadaver

Aquaman And Dolphin VS Kadaver

I can’t tell if Kadaver is really powerful, or they’re nerfing Aquaman in this fight. He’s not injured or recovering from something, so why is he having such a hard […]

Mera Recruits Tempest

Mera Recruits Tempest (Rebirth)

A Titans cameo in Aquaman! Tempest revealed on a previous Titan issue that he was trained in the arts of the Silent School, a group of sorcerers from Atlantis. From […]

Aquaman Meets Krush

Aquaman Meets Krush

  Solid job of painting more layers to the story of Atlantis. Since it’s a huge city, makes sense that not everyone’s lives are better. This story arc has Aquaman […]

What Superman Fears

What Does Superman Fear Most

So basically, Superman is afraid of: Letting people down. Lois Lane getting cancer and dying. Becoming Doomsday and possibly killing Batman. Having his son Superboy become evil (Miss Martian made […]