Wonder Woman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that depicts the origin story of Wonder Woman written by Grant Morrison.  As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many alternate Earths that currently exists in the DC Comics universe, with Prime Earth as the one where the current canon story line of the New 52 takes place.

wonder woman earth 1 cover

A complete list of all Wonder Woman – Earth 1 posts in chronological order.

Volume 1

  1. Hippolyta Kills Hercules (Earth 1)
  2. Paradise Island (Earth 1)
  3. Wonder Woman Meets Steve Trevor (Earth 1)
  4. Wonder Woman’s Wonder Plane (Earth 1)
  5. Hippolyta Unleashes Medusa (Earth 1)
  6. Wonder Woman Is Disgusted With Man’s World (Earth 1)
  7. How Relationships Work In Paradise Island (Earth 1)
  8. Medusa Attacks Steve Trevor (Earth 1)
  9. Wonder Woman’s Real Father (Earth 1)
  10. Wonder Woman (Earth 1)


Volume 2

  1. Queen Hyppolita (Wonder Woman Earth One Vol 2)
  2. Amazons VS Nazis (Earth One)
  3. Queen Hyppolita VS Uberfraulein (Earth One)
  4. The Amazons Mind Control Uberfraulein (Earth One)
  5. Wonder Woman Playing Baseball (Earth 1)
  6. Ares (Earth One)
  7. Wonder Woman Kisses Doctor Psycho (Earth One)
  8. Doctor Psycho Mind Controls Wonder Woman (Earth One)
  9. Uberfraulein Kills Queen Hyppolita (Earth One)
  10. Wonder Woman VS Uberfraulein (Earth 1)
  11. Queen Wonder Woman (Earth 1)


Volume 3

  1. Queen Hippolyta’s Funeral (Earth 1)
  2. Wonder Woman VS Artemis (Earth One)
  3. Ares Attacks Amazonia (Earth One)
  4. Wonder Woman VS ARES Mark 1 (Earth One)
  5. Cerberus (Earth One)
  6. Wonder Woman – Earth 1 Vol. 3
  7. Wonder Woman VS ARES Mark 2 (Earth One)
  8. Wonder Woman Takes Over The World (Earth One)
  9. Wonder Woman’s Daughter (Earth One)

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