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Sabrina Tries To Hex Jughead

That’s one of the few things about Jughead — you’ll never get the best of him. Sabrina learns this the hard way when her magic keeps backfiring. If you’re wondering […]


Veronica Lodge Meets Cheryl Blossom

Mr. Lodge took Veronica away from Riverdale after losing the mayoral elections. He achieved major satisfaction by separating Archie and Veronica. From – Archie #13

Why Archie Likes Veronica

Why Archie Likes Veronica

I felt the hurt all the way here in my couch with that statement. Here’s the Lipstick Incident for those who aren’t familiar with it. It’s the main cause of […]


Who Is Greg Collier

  I like this bit they did, injecting this rich history for a new character. I’m definitely certain that everyone’s had a teacher like this. I laughed out loud at […]