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Category: Reggie Mantle

Reggie Mantle Goes To Jail

Reggie Mantle Goes To Jail

Reggie Mantle is arrested by the police because of his drag racing against Archie Andrews resulted in Betty Cooper’s paralysis. From – Archie #24

Betty Cooper Near Death After Car Crash

Betty Cooper Near Death After Car Crash

The big reveal after the last issue’s cliffhanger: what happened to the car crash involving Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, and Betty Cooper? We find out that due to Archie and […]


Reggie Mantle’s Confession To Jughead

Sabrina’s trying to hex Jughead because she felt he was a douche in their date. Touching confession from Reggie though — good to see a sensitive and sincere side to […]


Jughead Gets A Crush On A Girl

Of course! Jughead would only really pay attention to someone of the opposite sex if you dress her as a burger. How is this a surprise? 😀 The identity of […]