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Tag: black lantern

John Stewart Kills Mogo

John Stewart Kills Mogo

  John Stewart, wearing an Indigo ring, channels the Black Lantern energy within Mogo’s core and kills him with it. I get his reasoning that the longer the mind-controlled Mogo […]

Lex Luthor Outsmarts Larfleeze

Lex Luthor Outsmarts Larfleeze

  Lex Luthor pulls a fast one on Larfleeze, and saving his own life in the process, by naming something that the lord of avarice might want on Earth. Land! […]

Blackest Night (Green Lantern Vol. 4 #50)

Blackest Night (Green Lantern Vol. 4 #50)

  In need of additional lanterns against the Black Lantern Corps, Ganthet triggered an old failsafe on all of the lantern rings and deputized several heroes and villains into the […]