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Why Captain Marvel Loves To Fly

Why Captain Marvel Loves To Fly

  No doubt about it, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers is the Marvel equivalent of DC’s Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Both are super powered space cops and are certified pilots. From […]

Captain Marvel Using Physics In A Fight

Captain Marvel Using Physics In A Fight

I know there’s a whole lot of instances where Spider-Man uses science to defeat his foes, but I’m surprised Captain Marvel Carol Danvers also knows how to do it. I […]

Why Are There 2 Iron Mans?

So what is up with Iron Man? Marvel’s recent event Civil War II has ended and like all other comic mega events, it brings about change in the status quo. […]

Jessica Jones' Worst Nightmare

Jessica Jones’ Worst Nightmare

I know Jessica Jones was in a relationship with Luke Cage and Scott Lang, so I suppose her worst nightmare is the two of them sleeping with her friend Miss […]