Eddie Brock Venom is invited to Avengers Mountain and meets the current iteration of the Avengers: Captain America, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Blade, Thor, Iron Man and She Hulk. He’s in the process of being voted in by the members when the voice of Carnage, whose symbiote he absorbed during the Absolute Carnage event, suddenly materalizes inside his head.

From – Venom Vol. 4 #21

One thought on “Eddie Brock Is Invited To Join The Avengers”
  1. Too bad Eddie Brock/Venom turned the offer for Avengers membership down, but I hope that when he’s rescued from the island that he’s currently on, fighting Carnage, it would be then that he changes his mind, and for She-Hulk, she would get the chance to date him, though I also wonder if Brock would get caught in a love triangle, with She-Hulk and Captain Marvel?

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