Absolute Carnage Vol 1

A complete list of all Absolute Carnage posts in chronological order.

  1. The Story Of Knull
  2. Eddie Brocks Becomes Venom Again (Absolute Carnage)
  3. Venom VS Carnage (Absolute Carnage #1)
  4. Spider-Man (Absolute Carnage #1)
  5. Norman Osborn (Absolute Carnage #1)
  6. Dark Carnage (Absolute Carnage #1)
  7. Dark Carnage Turns Norman Osborn Into Carnage
  8. d
  9. Venom Tries To Kill Norman Osborn Carnage (Absolute Carnage)
  10. Miles Morales Bonds With The Grendel Symbiote
  11. The Avengers (Absolute Carnage #3)
  12. Dark Carnage (Absolute Carnage #3)
  13. Venom Hulk (Absolute Carnage #3)
  14. Eddie Brock Wielding Captain America’s Shield
  15. Venom Hulk VS Dark Carnage
  16. Eddie Brock Bonds With The Legion Symbiote

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