Battle Scars is a 6 issue mini series that introduced Marcus Johnson, or later known as Nick Fury Jr, the son of S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury. When Johnson’s mother is murdered, he gets tangled into an adventure where Orion, the dying leader of Leviathan, wants him captured so that he could extract the Infinity Formula residing in Johnson’s blood, all thanks to his father.

Battle Scars 1

A complete list of all Battle Scars posts in chronological order.

  1. Taskmaster (Battle Scars #1)
  2. Captain America (Battle Scars #1)
  3. Captain America And Taskmaster (Battle Scars #2)
  4. Deadpool (Battle Scars #3)
  5. Marcus Johnson VS Deadpool
  6. Serpent Society (Battle Scars #3)
  7. Marcus Johnson VS The Serpent Society
  8. Deadpool VS Serpent Society (Battle Scars)
  9. Nick Fury Is Marcus Johnson’s Father
  10. Nick Fury Admits That Marcus Johnson Is His Son
  11. Nick Fury Jr. Loses His Left Eye
  12. The Avengers (Battle Scars)
  13. Nick Fury JR Kills Orion
  14. Nick Fury Recruits His Son To SHIELD
  15. Nick Fury JR And Phil Coulson Joins SHIELD

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