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Arkillo Saves Guy Gardner's Father

Arkillo Saves Guy Gardner’s Father

  Arkillo’s really turned a corner here. From wanting to kill Green Lanterns to risking his life trying to save the father of one. From – Hal Jordan And The Green […]

Guy Gardner Joins The Darkstars

Guy Gardner Joins The Darkstars

  Okay I don’t believe it’s that simple. I know Guy Gardner’s just infiltrating the Darkstars from within, like he did with the Red Lanterns before. From – Hal Jordan And […]

Darkstars Kill Green Lantern Weggett

Darkstars Kill Green Lantern Weggett

  Green Lantern Weggett is the first Green Lantern that the Darkstars actually killed after issuing their warning to the Corps of not interfering. From – Hal Jordan And The Green […]