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Tag: Dwight

Mercer Chooses Rick Grimes As His Leader

Mercer Chooses Rick Grimes As His Leader

Rick Grimes tries his best to explain to Dwight why toppling a government, even one that seems dictatorial, would be messy, and that the civilian population would be the first […]

Michonne VS Beta (The Walking Dead)

Michonne VS Beta (The Walking Dead)

Shame, I would like to have seen a fight between Michonne and Beta without any interference. Whoever wins, I’m sure it would have been an epic and dirty fight. From […]

Negan Saves Dwight (The Walking Dead)

Negan Saves Dwight (The Walking Dead)

One of the many instances that Negan is proving to be a redeemed character. He kills Alpha on his own and is generally helping out the Alexandrians. Or maybe he’s […]

Rick Grimes Kills Sherry (The Walking Dead)

Rick Grimes Kills Sherry (The Walking Dead)

  I can’t understand what Sherry’s angle is… she wastes her opportunity to surprise Rick Grimes and the Alexandrians by announcing their presence and intention to break away from the […]