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Harley Quinn First Crisis

Harley Quinn First Crisis

  Harley Quinn spends thanksgiving with the Justice League and Justice Society of America. From – Harley Quinn Vol. 3 #67

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

Guy Gardner Punches Doctor Manhattan

  Not the least surprised that Green Lantern Guy Gardner threw the first punch, or even chose a punch as his mode of attack. What’s troubling though is his casual […]

Batman And The Flash Time Traveling

Batman And The Flash Time Traveling

  Awesome nod to the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Identity Crisis, and the various origin stories on how the Justice League was formed! Here’s where the two of them ended […]

Hawkman's Kryptonite Mace

Hawkman’s Kryptonite Mace

  I genuinely laughed out loud at this panel. Things are about to get real. From – Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #31