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Batman VS Bloom

Batman VS Bloom

  Batman uses a giant bat robot to fight against an enlarged Bloom. From – Batman Vol. 2 #50

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

Billy Batson Becomes A Zombie (DCeased)

  So that’s why Shazam didn’t make an appearance on the previous DCeased issues. Damn, he got turned into a zombie as Billy Batson. So that’s another heavyweight taken out […]

Batman VS Gee Gee Heung

Batman VS Gee Gee Heung

  This issue has 2 first and last appearances: the super villain Gee Gee Heung who can manipulate brick and any building materials, like a combination of Clayface and Magneto; […]

Jim Gordon Batman's Batmobile

Jim Gordon Batman’s Batmobile

  Jim Gordon’s batmobile during his short stint as Gotham City’s Batman wasn’t really a car, but a bat-truck that costed the city 15 million. From – Batman Vol. 2 #42