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Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

Did The Joker Get Inside The Batcave

  Batman explains to the Bat family that Joker is bluffing, that he doesn’t know their secret identities or how it’s impossible for Joker to be able to infiltrate the […]

The Joker Attacks Gotham PD (New 52)

The Joker Attacks Gotham PD (New 52)

  The Death of the Family story arc begins with the Joker assaulting Gotham PD and killing all of the police officers, except Jim Gordon, while telling jokes. He also […]

Batman Describes The Batman Who Laughs

Batman Describes The Batman Who Laughs

  Batman: He comes from a realm where all our hopes and fears exist in material form. I’ve had moments when I’ve thought about killing the Joker, Jim. But it’s […]

Batman Punches Jim Gordon

Batman Punches Jim Gordon

  Batman does look a bit unhinged after getting left at the altar, and seeing Nightwing get shot in the head. From – Batman Vol. 3 #59

Batman's Detective Skills (Rebirth)

Batman’s Detective Skills (Rebirth)

Always happy to see Batman using his brain to solve cases. We don’t need to see Batman dealing with crisis after crisis of world scale events. I’m perfectly content to […]

The Dawnbreaker Killed The Penguin

The Dawnbreaker Kills The Penguin

Aside from killing criminals like the Penguin and Scarecrow, it seems the Dawnbreaker wasn’t above killing law enforcement people like Harvey Bullock and later, Jim Gordon. From – Batman – […]