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How Batman Defeated Bane (Rebirth)

How Batman Defeated Bane (Rebirth)

  The buildup to this confrontation was slow and exciting, but I’m disappointed in the ending. Really? After all that, it took just a headbutt to defeat Bane? You could […]


Why Bane Is Scary In Rebirth

I may not agree with everything Tom King is doing with his Batman run, but I can’t deny how well he’s writing Bane. He’s giving the villain a healthy dose […]


Batman Likes Green Lantern Simon Baz

I thought Batman could work with Kyle Rayner best. But then he’s a White Lantern now. Surprised he said this to Simon Baz. Or maybe he’s just emotionally manipulating him? […]


The Cage (Robin War)

It looks awesome but kind of a waste of resources if you ask me. Suspended cages for minors without gadgets? I think it’s too theatrical… cages for Robins. heh. From […]