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The Contents Of Batman's Utility Belt

The Contents Of Batman’s Utility Belt

  The only thing I didn’t like about this is Batman carrying that Kryptonite in his utility belt. Unless he was on his way to Metropolis, the Kryptonite should have […]

Lex Luthor Saves Bizarro

Lex Luthor Saves Bizarro

  I like the throwback they did to Lex Luthor’s first Bizarro, who he bonded with during the Forever Evil event. The first Bizarro died much to Luthor’s dismay. Also […]

Hawkman's Kryptonite Mace

Hawkman’s Kryptonite Mace

  I genuinely laughed out loud at this panel. Things are about to get real. From – Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #31