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Ben Solo Kills Ren

Ben Solo Kills Ren

  Ben Solo fully turns to the dark side as he kills his first individual, Ren, the leader of the Knights of Ren. After killing him, the Knights of Ren […]

Ren Without His Mask

Ren Without His Mask

  Why does Ren look like Magneto without his face mask? From – Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren #2

Darth Vader VS Grand Moff Tarkin

Darth Vader VS Grand Moff Tarkin

  Grand Moff Tarkin learns a valuable lesson about Darth Vader, and comes out feeling thankful that Vader’s on their side. From – Darth Vader Vol. 2 #18

Grand Moff Tarkin Hunts Down Darth Vader

Grand Moff Tarkin Hunts Down Darth Vader

  Grand Moff Tarking using tactics against Darth Vader. Smart idea of using slugthrowers and flamethrowers so a lightsaber can’t deflect it back, added bonus that it kinda spooks Vader […]

Darth Vader VS A Giant Squid

Darth Vader VS A Giant Squid

This answers the question whether Darth Vader’s armor allows him to breathe underwater: it does but only for a short while. Not every day you see Darth Vader using the […]

Emperor Roan Fel VS Darth Kruhl

Emperor Roan Fel VS Darth Kruhl

  This fight perfectly encapsulates Roan Fel’s personality. He’s a fully trained Imperial Knight despite being the Emperor, he has his knights wear a cortosis gauntlet to render any Jedi […]

The Cha Family Ambushes Darth Vader

The Cha Family Ambushes Darth Vader

Not smart of these bounty hunters to accept a bounty on Darth Vader, but I have to give it to them… not everyone thinks of using force fields even if […]

Princess Marasiah Fel Saves Cade Skywalker

Princess Marasiah Fel Saves Cade Skywalker

Princess Marasiah Fel was depicted as a stuck up princess in her first appearance and interaction with Cade Skywalker, but the fact that she didn’t hesitate to sacrifice her own […]