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Darth Nihl Kills Kol Skywalker

Darth Nihl Kills Kol Skywalker

  Star Wars Legacy starts its first issue by killing off a direct descendant of Luke Skywalker, Kol Skywalker. From – Star Wars: Legacy #1

Darth Vader Kills Jocasta Nu

Darth Vader Kills Jocasta Nu

Jocasta Nu managed to make Darth Vader’s life miserable before her death. That’s as good as it gets. From – Darth Vader Vol. 2 #10

How Darth Vader Meditates

How Darth Vader Meditates

  I suppose those small fluttering butterflies made of light are the remaining good in Anakin Skywalker. Strange that Darth Vader meditates with a floating lightsaber in front of him. […]

Jocasta Nu Deletes The Jedi Archives

Jocasta Nu Deletes The Jedi Archives

Must be really devastating to destroy your own life’s work. Even I cringed internally when all those Jedi knowledge were lost. Luke Skywalker could have an easier time training the […]

Jocasta Nu VS The Grand Inquisitor

Jocasta Nu VS The Grand Inquisitor

At this point all we’re waiting to see is how Jedi Archivist Jocasta Nu dies at the hands of the Sith. Best case scenario? She escapes and dies on her […]

Why Jocasta Nu Is Dangerous To The Sith

Why Jocasta Nu Is Dangerous To The Sith

Knowledge is power indeed. The reason Jedi Lead Archivist Jocasta Nu, who’s not a formidable warrior, frightens Palpatine is because of all the secrets she knows. Palpy wants her to […]

Darth Vader VS The Grand Inquisitor

Darth Vader VS The Grand Inquisitor

I like the design of the Grand Inquisitor’s lightsabers. But the hole in the middle while he’s doing his spinning trick was basically asking for a lightsaber to go in. […]