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Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

  The Seven hands over the Lamplighter to the Boys as a sort of compensation, after the Lamplighter killed Colonel Mallory’s granddaughters. Over the liquefied remains of a Delta special […]

Mother's Milk (The Boys #36)

Mother’s Milk (The Boys #36)

  Mother’s Milk was on the Brooklyn Bridge when the hijacked airplane that the Seven failed to neutralize crashed into the bridge. From – The Boys #36

How Mother's Milk Got His Powers

How Mother’s Milk Got His Powers

  Unlike the rest of the Boys who were injected with refined Compound V to become meta-humans, Mother’s Milk was born with powers, albeit with a huge drawback. His mother […]

The Boys VS Stormfront

The Boys VS Stormfront

  I love how it’s men from the UK, US, France and Russia curb stomps the super-powered Nazi Stormfront to death. From – The Boys #34

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

  Despite getting the best of Stormfront in their previous encounter, Billy Butcher is simply outpowered and outmatched in their 1 vs 1 fight. From – The Boys #34

The Boys VS Payback

The Boys VS Payback

  The Boys are ambushed by Payback, the Avengers equivalent in the Boys universe. From – The Boys #32