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Superior Spider-Man Bonds With A Kid

Superior Spider-Man Bonds With A Kid

  Superior Spider-man admits to a kid he saved that he’s not the real Spider-man, but is still accepted as his hero anyway.   From – Superior Spider-man Vol. 2 #10

Superior Spider-Man Defeats Terrax

Superior Spider-Man Defeats Terrax

Superior Spider-man, or Cosmic Superior Spider-man, defeats Terrax, or the Darkseid-lookalike, by using half of the latter’s power cosmic. From – Superior Spider-man Vol. 2 #3

Superior Spider-Man Volume 2

Superior Spider-Man Volume 2

A complete list of all Superior Spider-Man Volume 2 posts in chronological order.   Superior Spider-Man VS Stilt-Man Terrax The Tamer Superior Spider-Man VS Terrax Superior Spider-Man Gains The Power […]

Spider-Man During September 11

Spider-Man During September 11

  Only madmen could contain the thought, execute the act, fly the planes. The sane world will always be vulnerable to madmen, because we cannot go where they go to […]

Doctor Octopus Creates A Spider-Woman

Doctor Octopus Creates A Spider-Woman

  I know Doctor Octopus is a hero now, having transferred his consciousness into a new body with Spider-man’s powers, and having gained Peter Parker’s blessing to be a hero. […]

Superior Spider-Man Avengers Assemble

Superior Spider-Man Avengers Assemble 2

  Superior Spider-man leading, or at least he believes he’s in charge, of the West Coast Avengers during the events of the War of the Realms. From – Superior Spider-man Vol. […]