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Tag: quentin quire

Superior Spider-Man Avengers Assemble

Superior Spider-Man Avengers Assemble 2

  Superior Spider-man leading, or at least he believes he’s in charge, of the West Coast Avengers during the events of the War of the Realms. From – Superior Spider-man Vol. […]

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

Matthew Malloy Kills Emma Frost

  Matthew Malloy just one punches Emma Frost and kills her, transforming her into either a pile of diamonds, or a big foam of bubbles. Hard to tell with that […]

Hijack Saves The X-Men

Hijack Saves The X-Men

  The X-men were almost definitely about to be wiped out here, with sentinels and SHIELD helicarriers gunning for them. It was only because of Hijack, whose mutant power is […]