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Justice League VS The Shadow Cabinet

Justice League VS The Shadow Cabinet

  The Justice League easily beats the Shadow Cabinet here, even without Superman, who’s actually staging the fight along with Icon, the Shadow Cabinet’s leader, for some unknown purpose. Love […]

Donna Troy Remembers Roy Harper

Donna Troy Remembers Roy Harper

  Donna Troy remembers her fallen comrade Roy Harper (Arsenal) during his funeral and says a few kind words. I loved Roy. He didn’t treat me like some freak of […]

Roy Harper's Funeral

Roy Harper’s Funeral

  Roy Harper, also known as Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and the former sidekick of Green Arrow, dies tragically at the super hero treatment facility known as Sanctuary. Green Arrow […]

Arsenal Saves Red Hood From Batman

Arsenal Saves Red Hood From Batman

  That symbolic tearing of the Bat logo from Red Hood’s chest by Batman — that’s Bruce Wayne’s way of telling you you’re out of his family. From – Red Hood […]