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The Avengers (Absolute Carnage #3)

The Avengers (Absolute Carnage #3)

  The Avengers comprised of Captain America, Spider-man, The Thing, Wolverine, and Bruce Banner in the background. Everyone here, except the Hulk, has worn the Venom symbiote at one point […]

Nick Fury JR And Phil Coulson Joins SHIELD

Why Is Nick Fury Black In The Comics?

Didn’t he used to be white in the comics? Didn’t David Hasselhoff portray him in that Agents of SHIELD series back in 1998? Well to put it plainly, they’re two […]

Nick Fury JR Kills Orion

Nick Fury JR Kills Orion

  Nick Fury Jr. kills Orion, leader of Leviathan, by attaching a grenade on his chest. From – Battle Scars #6