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Tag: the frenchman

Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

Colonel Mallory Kills The Lamplighter

  The Seven hands over the Lamplighter to the Boys as a sort of compensation, after the Lamplighter killed Colonel Mallory’s granddaughters. Over the liquefied remains of a Delta special […]

How The Female Got Her Powers (The Boys)

How The Female Got Her Powers (The Boys)

The Frenchman narrates the silent Female’s origin story, and how she got her powers. Turns out she wasn’t injected with Compound V like the rest of the Boys, with the […]

The Boys VS Stormfront

The Boys VS Stormfront

  I love how it’s men from the UK, US, France and Russia curb stomps the super-powered Nazi Stormfront to death. From – The Boys #34

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

Billy Butcher VS Stormfront

  Despite getting the best of Stormfront in their previous encounter, Billy Butcher is simply outpowered and outmatched in their 1 vs 1 fight. From – The Boys #34

The Boys VS Payback

The Boys VS Payback

  The Boys are ambushed by Payback, the Avengers equivalent in the Boys universe. From – The Boys #32