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Hulkverine VS Wolverine

Hulkverine VS Wolverine

  Shame the fight between the Hulkverine and Wolverine didn’t last that long, Clayton Cortez didn’t even transform into the Hulkverine! From – Hulkverines #2

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

X-Men VS Cyborg Dark Beast

  I don’t even know how Dark Beast came to life after Cyclops killed him in Uncanny X-Men Volume 3. But I guess if Mister Sinester is involved then whatever… […]

My Hulkverines #1

  It sounds stupid, I know. But I was entertained. And it’s only gonna run for 3 issues so why not? I’d get a smash em up action at least […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #12

  Cyclops and Wolverine starts rebuilding the X-men again after majority of the team was lost battling X-Man, and they begin this quest by rescuing captured mutants by O*N*E. A […]

My Uncanny X-Men Vol. 5 #11

  Extra large issue for this Uncanny X-men issue, featuring the formal return of Cyclops taking the helm of the X-Men again. Bonus of having Wolverine appear as well and […]

Wolverine (Hulkverines #1)

Wolverine (Hulkverines #1)

  First meeting between Hulkverine and Wolverine. Hulkverine once fought X-Force but it was Old Man Logan he met there. From – Hulkverines #1

Death Of Strong Guy

Death Of Strong Guy

  O*N*E placed bombs inside duplicates of Jamie Madrox and detonated them. Strong Guy absorbed most of the blast in order to shield the other escaping mutants. From – Uncanny […]

Cyclops And Wolverine Reunited

Cyclops And Wolverine Reunited

  Cyclops and Wolverine, both recently back from the dead, were at odds against one another before they died. This all happened during the Schism event, and ultimately led to […]

Professor X Married Mystique

Professor X Married Mystique

  Well that’s quite a revelation. At some point in the past Professor X married Mystique. Why? From – Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #24

Old Man Logan Kills Sabretooth

Old Man Logan Kills Sabretooth

I remember. In my world… the future I come from… you missed our little birthday meeting for decades. The villains had killed everyone else… so I figured you ticked off […]